Ashley Bad

When it's BAD, it's better.


like we used to do at that monthly party you all loved at The Delancey back in the day... NO WORK OR SCHOOL ON MONDAY!
Come Dance and Play with us - ONLY $10!

Xris SMack! & Mindswerve Studios, NYC present:
S T I M U L A T E : Sunday, Feb 19th
* President’s Weekend Special Event - No Work / School on Monday! *
our 9th Annual STIMULATE ❤ Valentine’s Blood Massacre ❤ returns! celebrating the February birthdays of our very own
Ashley Bad +more ** only $10! **

❤ Bloody Cupids, Fallen Angels, wings, feathers, Red Red RED, blood, Blood, BLOOD !… Be Creative! ❤
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joined by the NY Fetish Tribe’s SUSPENSION
Fetish Play Party on the 3rd Floor Rooftop

Aftershow party for Black Anvil, MAYHEM and INQUISITION at the Gramercy Theater

our 2017 calendar: 1/15, 2/19, 3/18, 5/20, 4th of July, 9/16, 10/31, 11/24, 12/16

Stimulate Your Senses!

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Heart-Stopping Performances by

Metropolis Records Recording Artists
★ NØIR ★
The voice of Athan Maroulis will always be linked to the seminal Los Angeles based trio Spahn Ranch, a band that pounded the ’90s industrial scene with an audacious mix of EBM and Electro flavored Synth Pop fused with an atmospheric menacing pall of Goth. 
Maroulis has also on occasion guested on albums by Razed In Black as well as Black Tape For A Blue Girl. 

NOIR musically bridges Maroulis’ Industrial and Gothic past into a very moody electronic present utilizing elements of dance, dark ambient, synth-laced hooks along with touches of glitch and EBM. The result is entitled “Darkly Near”, an album influenced by idealized black and white images of New York City, a contrasting filmic backdrop for the aural futuristic pleasures of NOIR.

Lyrically, Darkly Near is an album of endings, one that travels through a dreamy death trip of sensuality littered with sinewy faded silent film stars, Rod Serling scripts, con men and the forlorn recollections of a solitary man waiting for a train pressed against the machinery of today. Released on the heels of 2012’s successful single “My Dear” that featured an exclusive Assemblage 23 remix, NOIR’s mature yet strikingly refreshing Darkly Near album will be supported with a select series of exclusive live dates.
“My Dear” (2012)
"Darkly Near" (2013)
“RE:MIT:TENT” (2014)

“MY DEAR (Assemblage 23 Remix)”

Fusing Industrial Rock (a la Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Garbage) with haunting melodies and explosive choruses, GAREK creates a distinct sonic landscape. 

GAREK’s first single “Save The Queen” debuted at #5 on the DRT Indie Rock Chart in the U.S. and #11 on the European chart. London’s EQ Music hailed him as “a deity of Industrial-Electro mastery” while Australia’s DNA Magazine says, “He’s ready to rule the world!” MTV’s LOGO (NewNowNext) says, “for all [his] influences, there’s something distinctive about what Garek is doing.”

GAREK's second release, an Industrial cover of Katy Perry’s #1 hit “E.T.”, also piqued the ears of listeners. "It takes enormous courage to take on a recent hit by another artist and reconstruct it. Garek has that courage. His interpretation is not just appealing, it’s bold and daring. He provides depth and intensity to the lyric and melody that was absent in the original. This track is the perfect gate into a new artist destined to be important and hugely successful."

GAREK also proved his influence extends beyond music as he made his UK debut for the Champagne-inspired jeweler ‘Wearing Memories’ at London Fashion Week. Guests of the sold-out show were treated to a spectacle blending GAREK’s Industrial stylings with ‘Wearing Memories’ classic appeal. Models strutted down the catwalk in black morph suits to GAREK’s “Save The Queen” before GAREK himself closed the show.

E.T. :


DJ’s spinning on Multiple Floors!

❤ Xris SMack! SMack! (STIMULATE, SMack!, fIXE, SUSPENSION)
❤ Cliff Cage (HypoFixx, Cynical Existence, Stimulate)
❤ Jeffo! (Dorian Gray, Zenwarp, Skittles)
❤ DJ Paradox (Dark Water, Stimulate)
❤ Negrarose (Portal, Berlin)
❤ Joe Hart (Procession)
❤ Arch-Angel (City of Angels)
❤ DJ Grave (fIXE, Defcon)

This Months Birthdays: 
STIMULATE's Ashley BadKevin Vonesper, Photog Emily Strange, DJ Cliff Cage
plus Skully TribeReneé MasoomianW.h. MuseTracy Wayne GacyStitch Azintime (Gothic Renaissance), Valefar MaleficRyan Krapf, Mila Erratic +more!

BlackLite BonnieVasa Pixie, Venus Pain, Electric Sheena, Megan Minya,Michael T, Harry Lucien Lightbringer, and more!
Make an effort - Dress to Impress!

▀▀▀ SIGHT ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

special prizes and giveaways to those dressed in theme:
❤ Bloody Cupids, Fallen Angels, wings, feathers, Red Red RED, blood, Blood, BLOOD !… Be Creative! ❤

❤ SPECIAL Birthday Performance for Ashley Bad by
Lylou Von Wild :) ♥

Melissa Saurus Wrecks, Shaila Kristie, E.LethalKitten, Janeiry
Pole Dance by Ariel Margie

the SMack! Video Lab

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* ”Feel The Whip": SMack! Dungeon play space with guest Dominatrixes
NY Fetish Tribe SUSPENSION Play Party on the entire rooftop!

Dungeon play Equipment provided by: 
* the NY Fetish Tribe -
* fIXE Fetish -

Tarot Card Readings by HeadBar

❤ Tom Fang's Custom Fangs and Leather Goods
❤ Venus Pain Creations
❤ Insomnia Obscura

Ticket Giveaways (dress up and you can win!)
* 3/18: STIMULATE : Xris SMack! Birthday Bash!
* 3/17-19 Vampire Freaks “Dark Side of the Con”
* 3/25: the Annual Endless Night Anti-Valentine's Tampa Vampire Ball

Suggested DRESS CODE: 
❤ Valentine's Day! ❤ MAKE AN EFFORT!
special prizes and giveaways to those Dressed in theme:
Bloody Cupid, Fallen Angel, Wings, Red Red RED, blood, Blood, BLOOD !… Be Creative! Make an Effort!
* Steampunk, Cyberpunk/CyberSlut, Electrohead/Rivithead/Industrial, Gothic, Fashionista, etc, etc
* FETISH: Latex, Leather, PVC/Vinyl, Armor, Warped & Kinky!

Special bonus prizes for a sultry/seXy redhead like Jessica Rabbit orMolotov Cocktease... ;)
Custom Fangs by Tommy Misfit! V^^^V

STIMULATE Resident Videographer Kevin of Vonesper Studios (Birthday Boy!)

▀▀▀ TASTE ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

❤ Our Resident Cupcake Mistress Annabell EVIL with Valentine’s Treats! ❤

The Delancey 168 Delancey St. New York City
9pm-4am, $10, Fetish Tribe’s Suspension Admission $20 ($10 additional to Stimulate admission)
Obey our DoorQueen: Mandana Banshee Templar
for more info & Advance Tickets:

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